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History of Hoyle

History of Hoyle

Edmond Hoyle - 1672-1769


The Hoyle brand was first established by Englishman Edmond Hoyle (1672-1769), a tutor, writer and lawyer by trade. He was best known as an expert on the rules and strategies behind card games and board games including chess and backgammon, memorializing the common phrase "According to Hoyle".


Hoyles Games 1770 edition: The New Hoyle Containing Easy Rules for Playing the Games of Whist, Quadrille, Cribbage, Piquet, Chess, Backgammon


While working as a tutor to the aristocracy, Hoyle composed a booklet on the rules of the game for his clients which became quite popular throughout London during the 1740's. This led him to publish and copyright A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist: Containing the Laws of the Game and Also Some Rules in 1743, and other game rules.



The title page of Edmond Hoyle's book
A Short Treatise on the Game of Back-Gammon


Edmond Hoyle passes away, leaving behind a legacy which has become synonymous with the definitive rules of card games.


Hoyles Games Improved 1817 edition: The New Hoyle Containing Easy Rules for Playing the Games of Whist, Quadrille,Cribbage,Piquet,Matrimony, Quinze,Chess, Backgammon and more. The "how to" book for the gamer.


The United States Playing Card Company (USPC) is established in Cincinnati, OH and today produces and distributes playing cards and accessories such as poker chips.


Brown & Bigelow, the first company to own the rights to the Hoyle Brand is established.


Brown & Bigelow playing cards are introduced. A subsidiary of Brown & Bigelow was established to bring their products to the retail market, Hoyle became such a strong brand name that after 1975 the divisions name was changed to Hoyle Products.


Edmond Hoyle's contributions to the world of gaming are recognized when his legacy is inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, an elite group of the world's greatest Poker players of all time. This is most phenomenal, since Edmond Hoyle died before Poker was invented.


Sierra Entertainment releases the first of many Hoyle interactive games. Hoyle's Official Book of Games Volume 1, built for MS-Dos and Atari ST, included three card games single-players, where players could choose their opponents.



Hoyle's Official Book of Games Volume 2 is released, featuring 28 varieties of Solitaire.



Hoyle's Official Book of Games Volume 3 is released, featuring board games.



Sierra On-Line introduces the first release of Hoyle Casino and Hoyle Board Games software.



The United States Playing Card Company (USPC) acquires Brown & Bigelow's playing card division, a promotional products company, including Hoyle brand playing cards and computer products.


Encore Software, Inc. secures an exclusive licensing agreement with USPC for worldwide publishing rights to the Hoyle brand for PC within the majority of the retail and electronic download channels.


HoyleGaming.com is established by Encore Software both as an E-Commerce site and an online resource for card game rules, "According to Hoyle".


Hoyle Slots and Poker were released for the iPhone and iPod touch.


HoyleGaming.com is rebuilt from the ground up, to showcase the most definitive Hoyle brand games, including Card Games, Casino Games, Slots and even more from the #1 Family Entertainment Brand.*


Encore releases Hoyle 2011 product line including favorites Card Games, Casino Games, Slots and introducing the newest addition, Hoyle Swashbuckling Slots.


Encore released the fan favorite product line including; Card Games, Casino Games, Puzzle & Board, and Slots as well as introduced ‘Swashbucklin’ Slots filled 25 exciting pirate-themed video slots. ‘Swashbucklin’ Slots’ is also available for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. A new Crazy Cats Slot experience filled with feline frenzy was released and available for iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

A NEW and IMPROVED 2012 HOYLE product line is here! HOYLE 2012 is slicker and faster than ever before with a brand new interface design, larger playing cards and a full range of improved gameplay features. Products are available August 2011.

Hoyle Games New for 2012!